The Gettysburg Powerpoint

Here at The Wellynn Group, we are big fans of Abraham Lincoln. Since today is the 150th anniversary of The Gettysburg Address–the greatest speech in American history–we thought we would share this classic version of the Address, developed by Peter Norvig, a renowned computer scientist. At the time he developed this, Mr. Norvig was working at NASA; today he is Director of Research for Google.

The Gettysburg Address Powerpoint

Norvig captures perfectly the inanity of most Powerpoint presentations, and demonstrates that oftentimes the use of  technology merely covers up the fact that the speaker really doesn’t have much of interest to say. Admit it: don’t your eyes (and your mind) tend to glaze over the moment someone says “I have a PowerPoint…?”

All President Lincoln had were words–and just 272 of them–and his voice. No design templates, no Helvetica font, no Excel spreadsheets with numbers so tiny no one can see them. No fumbling around with a remote or a laser pointer.  And here we are 150 years later, still reading them, analyzing them, debating them.

We’d say he got the point across with tremendous power.

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